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Today, we continue to build the business case for blogging. Yesterday, we looked at Block Imaging, a company that sells refurbished MRI equipment (not the easiest product to sell online). They adopted a blogging and inbound marketing mindset and have seen website traffic, leads, and sales explode!

As a quick review, here are their before and after numbers:

Block Imaging Inbound Results-resized-600


Our second case study looks at a small independent insurance agency, The Murray Group, in New York state. The Murray Group’s marketing arm is run by Ryan Hanley, an outstanding content marketer and a friend.

What I love in particular about the Murray group case study is what Ryan did to create website traffic, website leads, and ultimately, sales.

We often have clients say that they don’t like to write but they love to speak. If this is the case for you, then why not record video instead of writing? I see video as a fantastic way of introducing yourself in a more personal way to prospects and clients.


Sure, you might not like to be in front of the camera, but think of what it means to a prospect to see and hear the person they might be working with. Do you think they feel more comfortable when talking to you or meeting you in person after watching you on video? You bet they do! But let’s get back to our case study.

Ryan decided to use video. He planned to answer the 100 most commonly asked insurance questions over 100 consecutive days with short video content (2 -3 minute videos posted on their YouTube channel). And that’s exactly what he did.

During this time, his company saw signficant website traffic increases. He details the full story in a post on his site, but here are the bottom line numbers

  • WORK REQUIRED: 15 minutes a day
  • NUMBER OF DAYS/WEEK: 7 days a week
  • NUMBER OF DAYS/TOTAL: 100 days
  • TOTAL: $4,975

By his calculations, he was earning $200/hour for his efforts. Pretty incredible stuff.


Content for your blog doesn’t just have to be written blog posts. It can be audio or video as well. Think about how you use video yourself. Do you think video could be a valuable marketing tool for your business or organization?

Also, think about the similarities between our first two case studies. Both businesses aren’t in “sexy” industries, both companies aren’t household names with unlimited marketing budgets but both are doing amazingly well with blogging. Why? They are following principle-based marketing. Be helpful, be truthful and put your clients interests first.

We’ll see you tomorrow for our next case study.

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