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010314 - Failing Grade-resized-600So many clients come to us and tell us they have tried blogging for their business but it doesn’t work. When we review their blog however, it’s easy to see why THEIR blog isn’t helping their business. Their blog has no clear purpose other than to pitch their product and service to their customers.

And the simple fact of the matter is people do NOT want to be sold to or marketed at … they want to be helped.

#1 REASON YOUR BUSINESS BLOG IS FAILING … You don’t know WHY you are blogging

As yourself this question first, “Why are we blogging?”. I know, I know this isn’t a super sexy question to ask, but it’s absolutely the first and most important question you must answer.

Start by thinking about being a #Youtility as Jay Baer says (SIDE NOTE: his book is required reading for our clients and for the marketing classes I teach at UW-Madison so we HIGHLY recommend it).

People do business and refer business to those they know, they like and they trust. So the logical question is this, “how do you become knowable, likeable and trustworthy?”

It’s quite simple as Marcus Sherdian says … be the best teacher in your industry. Know what your customers want and need to make a purchasing decision. Then provide that information to them. Yes, it really is that simple.

This is true whether or not you are the right solution for them! Even if you don’t make a sale, you will build a fan and someone who will look to do business with you in the future (or refer business to you).

The most successful businesses online know the secret to being successful online (which really isn’t a secret at all). First, you must, must, must focus on teaching, not selling.

Teaching builds trust

Teaching allows you to build trust with your readers and helps position you as a thought-leader and authority. Remember, education is not the same as selling. Though it may seem counterintuitive, the posts should not be about your product, but instead about common industry issues and the problems your potential customers face. Of course, these problems are issues your product or service helps to solve. But don’t be salesy. Be helpful.

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