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mouse-mazeDuring the past month, we’ve presented to a wide variety of clients including an international construction leader, a very popular motorcycle company, a Noble Prize co-winner, a national non-profit leader, a metropolitan fire department and a leading telecommunications company. While these may seem like diverse clients, they actually have a lot in common.

Common Traits

  • They have very smart leaders
  • The businesses are well run and successful.
  • They are driven to succeed
  • They have great products
  • They have great values
  • They are very confused about the power of inbound marketing and social media
  • They want clear, actionable info so they can start leveraging it

The 3Rhino Solution

In response to their needs, we’re going to dedicate the next series of posts to answering the most pressing questions including

  • what the heck is inbound?
  • where’s the proof it works? Or as Jerry Macguire would say “Show me the money”
  • how do we do it and do it right?
  • What are some key steps for beginning this process?
  • What are the key investments we need to make to succeed? In other words, what have the successful companies done.

If you have a question as we move forward, please connect with us or leave a comment. As education-based marketers, we’re here to help.

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