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loveHello Everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re starting a new feature that we’re calling “Friday Findings.”

Every Friday, we’ll share 3 tips in an email newsletter format on a revelant topic. This week, we feature a topic in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. How do you create content people love and are willing to share? Believe it or not, there’s a science behind why people share some things rather than others.

So let’s dig into our 3 recommended reads for this week…

1. Viral 2.0

Professor Jonah Berger from the Wharton School studies social epidemics, or how products, ideas, and behaviors catch on and become popular. This post offers a wealth of knowledge and also be sure to take a look at Jonah’s book “Contagious: The secret science behind word of mouth and how you can use it to get more people talking about your product or idea.”

2. How to Make Viral Content: 9 Tips from the Greatest Viral Content Genius on the Planet

Neetzan Zimmerman is a genius at creating viral content. This post gives us an idea about how this man who had no formal training thinks. He simply started by creating his own blog where he could post funny videos about cute cats and other crazy stuff.

3. Questions to Ask on How to Create the Perfect Viral Post 

ExploreB2B does an incredible job of breaking down what type of content has the best chances of going viral on some of the most popular platforms. They do this while reaffirming to us that posts that trigger emotions have a higher chance of going viral.


This week we are including an extra selection to help you create your own viral content.

How to Make Content Go Viral from

We felt this was an important resource to include because it covers article marketing. This is a type of content marketing in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industries and make them available for distribution and publication in the marketplace.

And if you have any tips you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.

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