Day 12: Learn How to Leverage Short Form Expert Videos to Grow Your Brand

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After “How To” short form videos, I have my clients work on the second type of video known as the “Expert” Video.


Expert videos are designed to build credibility and demonstrate your (surprise) expertise to your audience. They help people understand why they should pay attention to you and why they should turn to you for help.


My 30 days of video in this series is an example of “expert” videos where I provide quick tips that are 1) helpful to my target audience and 2) highlight my expertise and ability to teach.
Why do I want to accomplish with this video series? The short answer is I want to help as many people as I can harness the power of digital marketing while promoting my speaking, workshops and consulting services. If people watch these videos, they can build their skills and better determine if I have the expertise and personality to be a good match for their business.

Other examples of short form video examples include the following:

  • Jay Baer Jay Today: Jay is one of the top minds in digital marketing. He’s a great speaker and author. Jay created 150 episodes of the 3 minute show to share his opinions, perspectives and expertise about marketing. Though the show just ended ;( it’s a great example of short form expert videos. The videos helped him tap into new markets who didn’t know about him.
  • SEALFit: Started by former Navy SEAL Mark Divine, these videos highlight Mark’s expertise to run high-end physical fitness and leadership courses. He publishes much less frequently than Jay but he’s been able to use the videos to build a very successful business.
  • Ana White: Ana White runs one of the most successful DIY carpentry blogs on the web even though she lives off the grid in rural Alaska! She had used her expert videos to gain numerous sponsorships and generates major revenue. How did she become so successful? By sharing her knowledge and building an amazing community using video.
  • Steve Spangler Sick Science! His YouTube videos of science experiments (which are super cool) have helped him become known as a “go to” science guy. He’s been able to get on the Ellen Show.

Final tip: One of my favorite ways to use expert videos is on your “about” page. Instead of having the standard about page text, why not shoot a short video where you help visitors understand why they should listen to you?

Shoot an expert video where you help someone in your target audience understand you are highly qualified to help them solve a problem they have. In your video, make sure to mention some of your background to build your credibility.

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