Day 22: What Should You Have in the Background for Your Videos?

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I’m often asked by clients and students what they should have in the background for their videos. The answer of course is “it depends.”

Today’s question/comment comes from a number of participants who asked about the backgrounds in these videos. One person, in particular, who won’t be named (Shane) teased me and even gave me an “Anchorman” reference about the bookshelves behind me 😉

So what is the most common question regarding my backgrounds. It is this. “Are my bookshelves staged with certain books facing forward?”

The answer is yes. But I want to explain why is my background set up the way it is. Here are a two reasons why I do this.

  1. I LOVE to read. I believe reading quality, non-fiction books is critical for being successful. By facing certain books forward, I want to share books that have influenced me and give a shout out to my mentors and teachers who wrote them.
  2. I see the lessons in the books as living things. The books that I face forward are the ones I’m using as my motivation. They are books I’ve learned from and by facing them forward I remind myself to APPLY what I’ve learned, not just say that I’ve read the book.

The main point is to be aware of the background in your videos and make sure the backgrounds compliment who you are and the message you want to convey. Make sense?


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