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Want to really resonate and connect with your customers in a deep, meaningful and profitable way? In the past 6 months, I’ve been asked by hundreds of attendees at my speaking events, my clients and students how they can stand out in noisy and crowd online spaces. And after doing intensive research I’ve reached a clear conclusion about how digital marketing is changing.

I’m convinced — absolutely convinced — video needs to be part of your marketing mix.

Video is growing by leaps and bounds (NOTE: I’ll soon be sharing stats to prove this in an upcoming post, but the evidence is overwhelming).

My main point today is this …

Using video is a HUGE opportunity and the sooner we embrace video as a marketing tool, the more we can make ourselves and our businesses stand out while building our brand and bottom lines.

You’ll see me using video a lot more too. In addition to a 31-day video marketing challenge I’ll be doing August, I’m starting to test Live Streaming. My friend and brilliant business mind Spencer Smith got me started today on Periscope, the Live Streaming App from Twitter.

Spencer and I will be doing some shows in the upcoming months and would love to have you join us live as we answer your marketing questions. In today’s test show, we talk about content marketing. Let me know what you think and how we can make the show a valuable asset to you.

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    Good work gents!

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