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What is short form video and how can you use it to grow your business? In this video Don Stanley helps you understand what it is and how you can begin using it today!

Short-form videos typically range in time from 6 seconds (a Vine video) to roughly 3 minutes. These types of videos have become much more popular in the past 2 years with the advent of video on Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And this form of video will continue to grow!

Examples of short form video examples include the following:

  • 6 Second Science Science Experiments in 6 seconds from GE
  • Zach King The King of 6 second videos. Zach has build an entire brand on 6 second video clips.
  • 30 Second Mom Short video tips for busy moms
  • Spartan Race 30 Day Fitness Challenges from the Top Obstacle Racing Organization on the Planet
  • Steve Spangler Sick Science! His YouTube videos teaching science have helped him get on the Ellen Show

In the next 7 videos, I will teach you about 7 different types of short form video you can begin using today to grow your business.

Let’s start with the first type … “how to” videos.

One of the most popular types of short form videos are “How To” videos. “How To” videos help your customers and prospective clients understand how to do something that is relevant to them. They help them solve a problem and become empowered. And they help you become more valuable to your customers.

There are many great examples of short form “how to” videos that teach you everything from how to tie a necktie,
to how to cut a pineapplehow to build a closet and how to do tiling.

So, if you know who your primary audience is, you know the problems and challenges they have, right?

Why not go ahead and create some short videos that help them quickly and easily solve a problem they are facing?

This will help you build trust and credibility with your customers and prospects. And remember, people do business with those they know, they like and trust so it’s a very wise marketing tactic.

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