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If you’re like many of the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with, you are smart enough to recognize the value of content and video marketing. You want to use these tools to grow your business.

But you keep running into a big wall. You don’t know what types of content to create for your website and your social media channels.

Don’t fret … this is a very common problem and, luckily, it’s very easy to solve.

In this 3-minute video, I help you breakthrough this barrier and turn you into a content marketing machine.


Let’s start here. What’s the #1 goal of your website and social media channels? It’s to build connections and grow your business, right?

You want your website and social media channels to do the following:

  1. Get people to visit your website.
  2. Then, turn those visitors into repeat visitors, meaning people visit your site more than one time. And why to they become repeat visitors? Because they find the site so helpful.
  3. Next, you want those repeat visitors to get to know you so well they become paying clients.
  4. Finally, if you’re really smart, you take such great care of those paying clients, they promote you to their connections and they help market you.

So the image process looks something like this:

Inbound Marketing with 3Rhino Media


So how do you get people to take the first step and visit your website? Simple, you think of how people use search tools like Google and Siri.

Ask yourself this, when you use Google or any other search tool, what are you commonly doing?

If you’re like most people you are putting your questions into Google. You might ask something like, “How do I create a YouTube Channel?” or “What is the best way to shoot web videos with my cell phone?”

Then you take those Google search results, scan the top 10 results and click on the one that you think best suits your needs.

Think of how Google determines what to display when you search it. Google displays the websites it feels best understands and best answers your questions. They don’t display the sites that sell products the best. They display the sites that HELP the user the most.

This is absolutely critical to understand.

The person/organization/business who listens to their clients, understands their questions and creates content that answers those questions in a helpful, non-salesy way gets ranked highly by Google and gets a lot of visits.

Most people want their websites and social channels to sell. But you cannot sell until you’ve been helpful first.

So, you must listen to your clients, understand their key questions and answer those questions in a helpful, honest way. Do this and you will improve your website value and you’ll know what content to create.


If you understand your clients and prospects, you should know the questions they have. List out those questions and answer them on your website. You will have a ton of content for years to come AND your website will become a very valuable sales tool.


Grab a notebook, open a word or Google Doc and list out all the questions you and your staff have been asked by customers and prospects.

Then, simply put a check next to the ones you are most frequently asked and these are the first blog posts/video/pieces of content you should create.


If you found this helpful, please consider sharing it. My goal is to help as many people and businesses as possible grow while making a big impact.

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  • Barbara

    Excellent post! I have been getting this message consistently for a few months now and appreciate how you clearly articulate the “how to” after explaining the “why”. Great stuff, Don! Thanks for continuing to share your knowledge and experience with others!

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