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Are you convinced video marketing can help you but can’t get yourself to hit record because you don’t like how you look or how you sound? Welcome to the club!

Here are 4 steps I personally use when coaching myself (and my clients) to get over these hurdles:

STEP 1. I visualize people who are in my target audience struggling with an issue I can help the with. I picture myself sitting down one-on-one with them giving them advice that helps them in a big way.

STEP 2. Using whatever equipment I have available, I practice shooting the videos and I do several practice takes to help me get comfortable in front of the camera (I don’t like being in front of a camera). I know my videos won’t be perfect. But I’m not worried about perfect. I’m focusing on “being helpful” and I simply pretend I’m having a conversation with my clients. This helps me relax.

STEP 3. Then I watch my videos. When I get overly analytical or critical of the movies, I remind myself that “Done trumps perfection every time.” A video answer stuck in my head isn’t going to help someone. But a video I post online, that a potential customer can find and learn from can change someone’s business. Even if it isn’t perfect. I’m not looking to be perfect, I’m looking to be helpful.

STEP 4. I remind myself the videos aren’t for me or about me, they are about helping my audience. And if I am being helpful to others, they will seek me out to do business.

Shoot some short videos of yourself answering some of your client questions. Share them with me or someone you know will give you helpful, honest feedback. I challenge you to get this done.

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