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Although most studies show the #1 reason organizations and individuals don’t leverage social media is lack of time, I’m convinced the reason they really don’t have success with social is perfectionism. People simply don’t want to use tools like Facebook, Twitter and blogs because they aren’t sure they are using the tools in the “right way”. They say they’ll start using social once they can master it … which is another way of saying once they perfectly understand a tool, then they’ll use it. Sound familiar?

Problem is, this day will NEVER come. Technologies are emerging too quickly and you cannot ever use a tool perfectly. Yes, that might be a bit controversial, but it’s true.

You see, the false promise for perfection will keep you from many things … in particular making time to use the tools and taking action with them. I know this from experience. As a “recovering perfectionist” myself, I’ve had to work on this for years. The voice in our collective heads say “Once I have this blog post or designed this product or service (insert whatever you want) just right, then I share it with clients”. The problem is the perfection never comes and your ideas, products and services stay stuck in your head where they can’t help those you work to serve. There is a simple truth in life I learned from Carrie Wilkerson:


90% perfect and shared with the world always trumps 100% perfect and stuck in your head.


Want to kill the inner perfectionist and succeed with social media and inbound marketing? The simple answer is “Just Do It”. Much the same a Phil Nike used this phrase to sum up his apparel company’s business plan, it applies equally well to inbound marketing. You won’t know what works if you don’t also find what doesn’t. It’s a giant game of elimination. Once you’ve figured out what works best for your audience, the success with your social media and inbound marketing strategies will keep the perfectionist beast at bay. So what are you waiting for?! You’ll never know until you try!

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