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Get Blogging Now! 3 Steps to Creating an Endless Source of Blog Posts

Many businesses and individuals struggle with getting their blog started. It’s not so much a technical issue (you can set up a blog in a matter of minutes with WordPress), but a content problem. One of the most common objections we get from folks who are considering blogging is this…they don’t think they have enough information to share to keep a blog going.

Our standard response is almost always summed up in one word…REALLY?

Think about it: regardless of your industry, you have customers or clients, right? And those customers and clients have questions about your industry, the products and services available in your industry, your products and services, and you. So where do these people turn when they have a question? The turn the source of all light, truth and knowledge…Google 😉

And what do they type or talk into a Google search? Their questions.

Getting Started with Questions

Here is a simple, foolproof way to come up with a 1/2 year’s worth of blog content.

  1. STEP 1: Sit down by yourself or with your team and brainstorm the 50 most common questions you get asked by prospective new customers and/or current customers.
  2. STEP 2: Take each questions and write a short article explaining an answer (or you could shoot a video or record audio if you prefer).
  3. STEP 3: Publish your answers on your company or personal website. If you post 2 blog articles per week, you will have 25 weeks of content (ok, it’s one week short of 1/2 year, but you get the point)

A common objection will get is this, “But this sounds like extra work and we don’t have time for this.” Our response, REALLY?

Think about it. You’re already answering these questions in person or via phone, right? And we know people are seeking information online BEFORE they reach out to a human, correct? So if you don’t answer these questions online, guess who your prospective customers are finding? You got it, your competitiors.

Post your answers twice a week for 10 or 20 weeks and you have the foundation for a successful blog.

To keep your blog fueled, simply list out every question you and your staff get asked by customers and potential clients. Then answer them on your blog.

Remember, two key points here:

  1. People use the web as a first source of information. They don’t call or stop into offices, they do searches online to gather information
  2. People search the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365.25 days a year. Your sales staff can’t be available around the clock (in most cases), but your digital sales staff (your blog) can be.

In our next 3 posts, we’ll share case studies of 3 businesses that became massively successful online by following this strategy.


Pretty simple homework for today … get a sheet of paper or open your computer and brainstorm every question a prospect or customer has ever asked you. That’s it. Now get to it.

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