How to FINALLY stop waiting for perfection and simply GET – THINGS – DONE!

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I mentioned in my most recent post the value of having an accountability partner (a.k.a. coach). A great coach pushes you, challenges you and doesn’t let you off the hook easily. Why? Because they care about you and they know you have more in you than you might ever see.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a brillant coach who challenges me to figure out how get things done with what I’ve got. You see, I’m what you might call a recovering perfectionist. I USED to be a perfectionist, but am no longer. You know the perfectionist type, right? They say “I’ll do XYZ but only when the circumstances are just right”. But the problem is, the circumstances, situation, etc. are NEVER JUST RIGHT. And while some say they are a perfectionist with a sense of pride, I’ve discovered calling yourself a perfectionist is simply another way of saying you are a major procrastinator. Sure, you care about your craft and you care about doing things well, but as mentor Carrie Wilkerson says, done trumps perfection every time. Forget perfect and shoot for done.

Many of my clients are like how I used to be, they care deeply about what they do, but they often get in their own way, which is why we provide coaching services designed to help clients get started and keep going. Recently, my coach wrote an excellent post about asking the right question to get things done. If you ask and answer this question, it will truly make all the difference. Enjoy and start crashing forward …

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