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In this video, Don Stanley talks about the first step to kick-starting your inbound marketing efforts – creating an inbound marketing team.

Creating an inbound marketing team sounds like a deceptively simple first step. But don’t be fooled. On a deeper level, creating a team demonstrates a COMMITMENT to the vision of inbound marketing. It says you believe in the principles of inbound and you are willing to commit time, resources and energy to make it work. It says you aren’t willing to completely hand off your marketing to someone else because you know your product, service and customer better than any outside agency. Sure, you can partner with a agency, but you MUST be involved. As we have found, commitment is absolutely necessary to achieve big results.

So who should make up your team? The most important piece of this team is what we call a CCO (a Chief Content Officer). This person is the catalyst in your organization, who is focused on creating content your customers want and need. Their goal is to help plan, create, find and organize content. If you work with an agency like ours, they are the key point of contact to keep you moving forward.


Answer these two questions

  • Are you willing to make this commitment?
  • If so, who in your organization can fit this role?

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