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What  are 3 big super secret tips to keep your commitment and complete this 30-Day Challenge? Ok, maybe they aren’t super secret, but they are very powerful.

After 25 years of studying great successes and how they stay motivated, I’ve discovered 3 top tips for being true to your word and completing your challenge. I use these with myself and my clients and I guarantee if you use them, you will have fantastic results.


Let’s be realistic, during your 30-day challenge, distractions are going to pop up. Instead of hoping they won’t happen or wishing they won’t happen, prepare for them so you can easily overcome them when they inevitably appear.

These challenges and distractions can include issues with health, family, technology, etc. If you are aware of potential challenges ahead of time, you can plan ahead of time to overcoming them them.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are committed to eating healthy for 30 days.

During those 30 days you might be invited to a party, wedding or something else where lots of sweets and”unhealthy” treats are available. You really want to attend the event, but you know the distractions and temptations will be there.

Instead of pretending like the sweets aren’t going to be there, be proactive. Eat before you go to the party fill yourself up on healthy foods.

Know that some people at the party might ask you why you aren’t eating the sweets. Or well intending friends might sweets to you. Be prepared to tell them politely that you are taking a 30-day challenge and you are committed to eating healthy foods. You might even tell them you would love it if they could help keep you accountable at the party and make sure you don’t “accidentally” wonder over to the sweets table.

You’d be surprised by how many people will be very supportive of you.


Perfectionism is probably one of the biggest killers of progress.

While it’s great to strive for perfection perfection is not a realistic goal. Instead of focusing on perfection, focus on making continuous forward progress, not matter how small the progress might be.

As a recovering perfectionist myself, one of my mantras is “I am powered by progress I am not paralyzed by perfection”. I recommend printing this out and reading it when you feel like you can’t do something perfectly and you just give up on your challenge.

Thinking of our healthy eating example, so maybe you eat a sweet or two on Day 14. Don’t let this ruin all the progress you’ve made to this point. Limit the number you eat and get right back on your 30-day.


I learned this from two books, the Heart and the Fist and Resilience written by former Navy SEAL and Rhodes Scholar Eric Greiten’s.

Eric says when we focus too much on ourselves, we tend to struggle more. When we focus on serving others we get out of our heads and are able to accomplish much more than we might believe we are capable of.

If we take our healthy eating example, you could think about the benefits others will get from you eating healthy. Maybe you have more energy for your kids. Maybe you’re mood is more positive at work or maybe you inspire someone you care about to eat better as well.

The the point is when we act in the service of other, we tend to stick to our goals more. So think of others and you will gain an extra advantage to keep moving yourself forward.


  1. List out some of the challenges you know work on a pop up over the rest of this 30-Day challenge. Then list out things you can do to overcome those challenges.
  2. Print out this mantra “I am powered by progress I am not paralyzed by perfection.” When the tough days (usually Days 11 – 21 of a 30 day challenge) arrive, you realize taking a small step forward, just like a penny doubling every day, is better than not doing anything at all. You will commit to continually forward progress.
  3. And lastly list out some of the people whose lives will be changed because you committed to and completed your 30-day challenge. When the days of struggle arrive, review this list to give you the energy to keep going.

I know you can do it and know that I’m cheering you on!


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