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Friend of 3Rhino Media, Marcus Sheridan, wrote a brilliant post about why it doesn’t pay to worry about competition. It was so fantastic, I had to share it here.

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Stop Worrying about the Stupid Competition

Let me ask you a very serious question:

When was the last time your competition paid your bills?

I’m guessing your answer is “never,” correct?

Instead of worrying about legitimate prospects that are searching the web right now for answers to their critical buying-questions, we ignore them…we tell them to essentially “go away,” all because we don’t want the competition to learn what’s in our mythical “secret sauce.


This all means we care more about the competition than those persons that allow us to make payroll on Fridays.

Are you seeing anything wrong with this picture?


So I ask you, as you begin to consider embracing content marketing, who are you going to foucs on? Will you focus on your competition? Or your best customer? 

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