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More than ever before, creating your own content and becoming a content marketer is CRITICAL to business success. But if you’re like most of my clients and people in business, you don’t feel comfortable creating your own material. When I suggest this as a strategy to my clients, many times I see a look of fear come over their faces. Why? We often lack the confidence to share our content because we come up with week excuses “I’m not a writer”, “I’m not good at grammar”, “I dont’ have anything valuable to add”, “I don’t have the time” etc. Lots and lots of excuses that prevent us from sharing our expertise and building strong relationships with current and potential clients.

Remember, long-term, successful businesses are built on relationships. As my friend and mentor Bob Burg says, “we do business and refer business to people we know, we like and we trust”. There is no better way in the online world to build authentic, profitable relationship than with content marketing and blogging

So how do you get started creating QUALITY content? One of the best resources online is CopyBlogger, founded by Brian Clark. They offer literally an immense about of high quality, actionable advice. I highly recommend subscribing to their blog.

Recently, they shared this outstanding infographic with 22 tips for creating great content. Do you see any ideas you can take action on today?


Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

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