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This video helps you understand how champions and people who accomplish great goals think vs. how the average person thinks. It gives you a key tip for becoming the champion you deserve to be

Welcome to Day 2:
So, you printed out, filled in, signed and posted your contract to yourself from Day 1, right? If not, do that ASAP. It’s critical and you and your business are worth putting in maximum effort to get maximum results from these 30 days.

Now that you’ve made a commitment to yourself, it’s time to understand the mindset of champions … the mindset that people who successfully complete 30-Day Challenges have.

One of my favorite proverbs I heard as a child is this …

 “A Fool isn’t somebody who makes a mistake … it’s somebody who makes a mistake twice.”

To me, this meant if I studied the mistakes of others, I could learn from that experience. I didn’t need to make the mistakes myself.

So for 25 years I’ve studied the mindsets of champions and how they set and accomplish there goals.

The big difference between a champion and an average person is this …

A champion keeps their eyes focused on the long-term outcomes and goals. This helps them to take the consistent, daily action they need to to win.

The average person talks about goals and outcomes. But when the real work starts, they get tired and give up.

So how do you develop a champion’s mindset and how should you be thinking?

Check out today’s video. This video has the exact same information I share when working with Fortune 500 companies, NFL athletes, NBA athletes, my students and people like you and me.

WARNING: The tip is simple and profound. If you embrace it, it will change your life.


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